Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hate Love Dilemmas: Croutons

Air never tasted so good.

Who knew that when eating stale porous pieces of bread one could enjoy a salad so much? Croutons have become so popular that many different flavors and shapes of the dried out bread have been created. I, like millions, love croutons. And I, like millions, hate croutons.

To eat salad you stab the leaves or lettuce with a fork. Sure the veggies stay on the fork, but when a crouton is stabbed the crouton cracks in half and falls from the fork. This, of course, assumes the crouton isn't too hard to even be punctured. One ends up using the fork like a spoon to eat stale bread bits. My, how the might have fallen. The fork has been reduced to the depths of the spoon. Anything can scoop, but it takes a true tool to impale. I love and hate croutons.

While we're on the subject...

Like croutons, I do love myself a yellow apple and week old Mother's frosted oatmeal cookies. The yellow apple is an oddity. A mixing of both red and green apple. Not sour like the green, yet not crispy and solid like the red. A yellow apple is an inbred of the two. Not natural and almost rotten. Yet, that is how I like my apples...almost rotten. Just like the week old Mother's frosted oatmeal cookies.

Soft. Tasty. Almost rotten.


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Daniel said...

you sound like an old man who likes his food soggy b/c its easier to eat and digest