Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hate Love Dilemmas: Chunky Peanut Butter

I love chunky peanut butter. I am a crazy fiend for peanuts, so then I must obviously love extra peanuts in my peanut butter. Possibly the weirdest thing ever, yet it worked so well.

Chunky peanut butter really is an odd thing. They (the executive at JIF, Peter Pan, etc.) decided they would not grind up all the peanuts, but rather, leave some just broken. Not crushed. Just damaged.

Despite all of it's success, and even the amount of joy I receive from the damaged product...

I hate it!

Have you ever tried to spread chunky peanut butter on a piece of soft bread? It takes half the jar! It crumples up the bread as you spread, and it over powers the jelly on a PB&J like a strong wind to old people. Sorry Jelly. I never wanted it like this, but these are the thing that must be with chunky peanut butter. I hate and love chunky peanut butter.

Oh, and I hate telling people I like "peanuts." When you say it quickly it sounds like "penis." There is always a moment of uncomfortable silence while the person I tell registers that I have said "peanuts" and not "penis." Or maybe there isn't a moment and I am unknowingly gay...

(uncomfortable silence)

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