Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Mini Deception

In the past I've written about the random shopping cart that always seems to appear in the parking spot you are turning into. You hold out for a closer parking spot at the grocery store, get over excited, begin to turn and...son of a... Shopping cart! You start cursing the moron who just left the cart 2 wheels up on the mini tree island, and totally disregard the fact you've done the same thing with your cart in the past.

For the record: I always walk my cart back to the nearest cart docking station.

My new hatred derives from another small metal object with wheels by the mini tree island. I now hate Minis. Mini Coopers are shopping carts you can drive. They are so small they get lost behind trucks and other normal size vehicles in parking lots. You hold out for a closer parking spot at the grocery store, get over excited, begin to turn and...son of a... Mini Coop! The only difference between a Mini and a shopping cart is that a shopping cart holds more passengers.

Parking lots should start putting a section right next to the bike racks for Minis. I'm sure they use the same type of locks.

One should never leave their Mini in a regular parking spot. Mini owners must understand what goes around, comes around. Mini owners will also hold out for a closer parking spot at the grocery store, get over excited, begin to turn and...son of a...Mini Coop! The second Mini owner starts cursing the moron who just left their Mini next to the mini tree island, and totally disregards the fact they've done the same thing with their Mini in the past.

For the record: I would always drive my Mini back to the nearest Mini docking station.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Artist's Unofficial Comic Bookmarker

Dustin Nguyen, a signed DC artist (Batman Streets of Gotham), just posted two new 5 x 11 watercolor pieces on his blog. They are centered around Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. The Kingpin, but feature two of his prime nemesis: The Punisher and Daredevil. The characters intertwine in comic books just as these two new works of art intertwine in composition.

The Punisher's piece features shades of black/grey which emphasize outfit's tone. Obviously there are shades of red for Daredevil. I liked how the color seems to drip down from The Punisher's piece and how the color seems to drop down onto the Daredevil piece. The two seem to connect, yet they are separate.

I have created an unofficial combo of the two (posted to the right) that makes for a very cool bookmark. I have also posted a checkered version of "the Fisk's" below that you can try using as a tiled background on your computer screen. It may look a little too hectic, but you can give it a try.

I recommend checking out some of Dustin's other new watercolor posts such as his art inspired by the movie/book "The Road." Follow this link and enjoy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Mr. Pepper to Me

When a person gives themselves a nick name we tend to hate them. We think they are being self involved, and no one likes a person conceded about there cleverness...unless they do it in a charming-awareness-of-the-stupidity-of-it kind of a way. So why is it that we, as a society, are expected to use the title of "doctor" on so many people?

"Please call me Dr. Willingham."

"Actually, it's Dr. Huffinpuff."

"I do not know of a Mrs. Shelly Johnston, but I do know a Dr. Shelly Johnston."

Really? You are demanding I call you doctor. It is considered a sign of respect to use the title when talking about or addressing people whom have received their doctorate degree in any given field of study. While this may be an accomplishment that many people will never achieve, it in no way deserves a special title. Why not create a title for those whom have climbed Mt. Everest, or for those whom have finished the "Ole 96er"?

The reason we do not create a title for those select few people is the same reason I do not respect the title "Doctor": I didn't choose for these people to do what they have done.

I never told these people to go to school for 12 years. It was not my choice to have these people commit themselves to a certain field in a manner that would commit their life to it. These people with doctorates are impressive for committing themselves to a field of study for so long, but that's as far as it goes. I respect you, but I'm not in respect with you.

I am sure that with in the community of doctors many doctors look down upon other doctors in lesser known fields. Do surgeons look down on dentist? Medical doctors down on Psychological doctors? Regular doctors down on diet doctors? They may taste the same, but they got their degree online. Doctor's have a saying, "a doctorate from Devry is the degree clip-on tie."

I'm not going to lie. I call these people "Doctor" all of the time. I hate it. But you know what I hate more? I hate dieing on their surgical table. Oh yeah. They'll do it. Well, maybe not. But I'm not chancing it.