Monday, October 19, 2009

Universally Established

Some things are just known. These are a few...


Most people will have to go to an auto shop and have to deal with a car mechanic at least once in their lifetime. This is unfortunate.

What they do know:
  • You know nothing about cars.
  • Your car is broke and you need it to (essentially) survive.
What they don't know:
  • Not one person trusts an auto mechanic.
How can they not know that every person thinks they are shady. In Seinfeld we first meet David Puddy (the voice of The Emporor's New Grove's Kronk...for you Disney love'n type), Elaine's on-again off-again boyfriend, who is a mechanic in New York. Jerry is unsure of the quote he is getting on his car, so Jerry trys to get Elaine to get Puddy to give her price estimates while they are sleeping together. Sound confusing? Watch The Fusilli Jerry episode of Seinfeld.

We call mechanics grease-monkeys but as Puddy from Seinfeld points out, "I don't know too many monkeys that could take apart a fuel injector." The bottom line is we don't know how to fix our cars. The mechanic can charge us a ton of money just because they want to or because the tow-truck left your car with them. These Decepticons love money and hate fairness. Plus, they hate soap. Don't shake their hands.

We're Still Doing This?

Who is still spitting their gum out on the street or any type of walk way? I stepped in a piece outside of the grocery store yesterday...yesterday in the year 2009! Years ago when gum became wide spread it may have become uncommon to step in gum, but still!? I thought by the 80's it was established that chewed gum dispensed all over the ground was a big problem. Not only does it stick to shoes, but it ruins the floor and appearance of it's environment. Gum droppings attract birds, bugs, and bums.

The bottom line is not only do we hate stepping in gum, but we really hate bums.

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