Tuesday, October 27, 2009

True Love to Conquer the Damn Yankees...Just Not This Year

I want the Yankees to win the World Series.

I am not a New York Yankee fan, nor am I a Philadelphia Philly fan. I am not a front runner, nor am I looking for pin-stripe victories based on a bet. I want the Yankees to win for the simple fact that they are the Yankees.

Step by Step Reasoning
  1. I am from Cleveland.
  2. I love the Indians.
  3. I believe one day the Indians can win the World Series.
  4. The greatest team of all time is the Yankees.
  5. Going through the Yankees to get a World Series win legitimizes the win.
  6. Cleveland becomes less of a joke to the outside world.
If the Indians can not win, due to the fact that they have been out of the playoffs since late May, then I would rather the great get greater. If the Yankees pick up another championship it will be their 27th. It will add to the legend of those damn Yankees. So, when my team is out of it, I like the Yankees to win.

I like the Yankees because I love the Indians.


Anonymous said...

Lame!!!!! You're on the bandwagon!

Dom said...

You just don't love your team enough. Until you can ask the devil to save your God, you can't possibly understand where I am coming from.

Plus, I have a feeling you are either a Philly-Phan or a girl. Usually they go hand in hand.

Erika Jean said...

I <3 Cincinnati.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved that poem at the top!!

And... haha my word verification for this comment was "drool"