Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Favorites

Welcome to the first "Friday Favorites" ever! On Fridays I explore some of my favorite things. I figured since Fridays are the archway to our weekend, the end of our sleepless work week, and the day we use to watch Urkel, Balki, and Cody, they would be perfect for a reoccurring favorites blog. Well, that and both "Fridays" and "favorites" both share a similar letter...the "S".

These weekly favorites are in no particular order and my number one favorite will remain personal and private.

Q-Tips: Good Cleaning Fun

These American Gladiator: Mouse Addition weapons are wonderfully misused. Doctors will tell you that inserting the Q-Tip (douche bag of the ear) into your ear canal is actually bad for your ear. The build-up is actually being pushed further back into the canal, which can eventually affect your hearing. Interesting. Hey'll have to speak up. I'm having a hard time hearing you over this amazing Q-Tip scratching sensation going on in my ears right now.

Possibly the greatest feeling in the world is getting out of the shower and putting that little cotton tipped lolly-pop stick in my ear. Sometimes I'll double stuff myself and enter from both sides: left and right ear. If I am feeling crazy I'll do my left ear with my right hand and my right ear with my left hand and strangle myself while I do so. Greatest feeling ever. But don't get the wrong idea. I am not vulgar or gross. I never participate in 2 Tips in the same canal at the same time.

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