Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Favorites 12/12

Once again we meet on the last day of the work week. Ah yes, the weekend nears, fun plans get finalized, and the murdered bodies in your trunk from Monday begin to rot. This Friday is a special one! It's the 12/12: a perfect Friday! We aren't stuck with a 9/12 Friday like this past September. Nope. A 75% Friday wouldn't do for us. We demand perfection! Speaking of which...

PB in CCs

Peanut butter in chocolate cups may be the greatest candy ever made. In the time line of great candies, peanut butter cups is right after the stone. The time line is actually just a segment. Nothing. Stone. Peanut butter cup. Nothing better. Hard candy had it's time, but those everlasting jawbreakers are a thing of the past.

On a side note...

Hard candy relics can still be found to this day. Whether one looks on the ground or on coffee tables in old folk's crystal bowls, they are everywhere: Ditched in dirt and cradled in crystal.

There may be no wrong way to eat them, but there certainly are right ways to eat them. Personally I like to eat all of the chocolate out siding of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I place the lump of dried out peanut butter in my mouth and consume the whole piece of peanut buttery magic at once. Why part the innards? May the cups be consumed as they were made: in layers. May they be eaten as Alaskans dress: in layers. And may peanut butter cups be enjoyed as they were originally: next to 2 gunned down car-crash victims.

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